"An illusion is false evidence appearing real." says Andri Leonardo lead singer of Devas. "Sometimes that can serve us. Everybody who owns a watch or clock has done this. You put your watch ten minutes ahead, so the next time you look at it you think it's later than it actually is and for a moment you believe it. Until you remember that you put your watch ahead. You relax and feel as if you just gained ten minutes. You have enough time, actually more than you thought. That's when the illusion you created serves you."

"But if you forget that it is an illusion, then of course it won't serve you. It will do quite the opposite. You start to hurry up because you know you're late and in the heat of the moment things go bad. That's when an illusion becomes true. True illusions do not serve us. At one point we created them but forgot that they aren't real and we got caught up in them."

"And so we create many little illusions in our lives. But sometimes we forget that they're only illusions."

"This album talks about realities that no longer serve us. Moments in your life you need to leave behind. Illusions have become nightmares and we need to break free and move on."

"But it also talks about illusions we want to uphold, things we do not want to see or hear about. 25'000 children die every day of hunger and dirty water. We hardly notice them.That's 175'000 a week. Every week. But we try not to think of it, we create illusions of problems we don't have, just to use it as an excuse not having to deal with reality."

"I think it's important to remember that illusions, for whatever reason we created them, are not real and in the long run will not serve us. If we don't learn to see beyond them and move on, we cannot grow. But growing is what we all desire, as individuals and as humanity. It's our nature to grow. And eventually we will. We always have."

"That's what True illusions is about."



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